NOAA Radar Pro – Weather Alerts & Forecast App Reviews

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Never Disappointed

NOAA app is easy to use, I like to use it when I am going fishing ... see if I am going to rained on .. I have found it to accurate, and easy ..

Not worth it

Not accurate at all. My outside thermometer reads 22* and this program says its 45* out. I regret spending money on this.

Best Weather

While an app cant change the weather, this is the best one for planning ahead. I make better decisions aimed at working to better life in the weathering of disappointment and circumstance. Its also fun to work with this app.

Must be Updated!

The app itself is great, but is not yet supported by the iPhone X... It ruins the look of the app! Must be updated!!

Accurate with a smooth interface

Accurate data and nice UX! Minimal lag, if any.

Great info

This app provides very detailed, very current info on weather -- specifically precipitation. So its extremely useful for planning outdoor activities each day.



See what the weather is really doing

Now we can see what the weather is doing anywhere in real time. I love the pin drop feature which marks places I’m interested in.


Junk. How can there be any positive reviews? It is wrong all the time! All week, clear skys. All week weather underground forecasted rain and a lot of it. So finally today Noah says rain. Hey way to get it right 4 hours before it starts!!!! What junk. And they dont listen, Ive notified them 15 times they were extremely inaccurate

Very helpful app.

As a weather observer for a small rural weather station I find this app useful. The clarity is often murky but such is the weather.

Reliable and informative

Great app to keep us informed


This app will keep you safe the user interface is amazing this app is worth it! one complaint o have is: sometimes active hurricanes will not display like hurricane Ophelia I will not display and sometimes they slows down on my iPad Pro and please display Fire Warnings in the app they would be very useful for tracking wildfires and a sheet that lets you chose what warnings you want to trigger notifications other than those minor complaints this app is: WORTH IT for any iPhone or iPad!

Clear and reliable

App works all the time. No bugs. Accurate info. A must have if you live in hurricane or tornado frequenting areas.


Even with the “Pro” version the ads are relentless and very annoying. In addition, it only shows radar and not approaching fronts. All in all, pretty disappointing. I miss Intellicast.

Great app!

Very handy app. Especially the alerts that link to the weather item. It is so simple to keep a "weather eye" open for home and the relatives locations. I am always up to date on good and not do good weather every day. Thanks NOAA!

A go-to day planning app!

Thanks for a great app that quickly, accurately and easily shows when and where rain will come. I appreciate the "alert" function. Im sure it will help save lives of those who use it!

Nice App

Nice responsive weather app


The rader is the best aspect of this app. The weather is generally never correct. Wrote this brief review during a blizzard. Sunny and -18. Was the indication. Neither are correct. Stick with an app that can actually keep updated weather.

Great weather app

Love it, works great, as a former meteorological tech I wish we had access to this app when I was in charge of a weather office.

Not very accurate

As I write this, we are having snow. The map shows nothing in the entire province. The weather says it is -1, while in reality, it is -13! I am starting to regret paying money for this. Very disappointed!

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