NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts App Reviews

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Great app. Works very well wherever your at.

Totally Inaccurate Mapping

Good luck getting accurate weather if you live in Las Vegas Nevada - or a few other cities around the country where I’ve attempted to use this app to receive accurate weather information. According to their weather map, I live in Henderson Nevada which is almost an hour (45+ miles) away and often has different weather patterns from my location in the foothills/Red Rock area of Las Vegas. These erroneous mapping issues can be significant in the desert (and other regions) in regards to flash floods, wind/dust storms, and many other weather problems. I’ve had issues in other cities that I’ve travelled through on cross-country road trips and at this point, looking up in the sky is usually more accurate than this app - what a total bummer. I have written to the developer of this app many times over the past few years, but the issue remains. The most they’ve replied back with is something on the lines of, “are you in the same geographical region?” with the premise being (?) that the weather should therefore be the same within a 45 mile radius or something. Again, weather can vary greatly from mile-to-mile, rapid elevation shifts especially in mountainous regions, and so on. (Tahoe to Reno for example.) With so many other weather apps available, save your money and purchase a different one. If you guys can fix this issue, I would easily rescind my 1 star and replace it with a 5 star. We’re nearing 2020, almost have self driving cars, and are in a fairly technologically situated position compared to years gone by. Can’t you get the mapping issues correct at this point?!? How difficult can it be?

Perfect App for us skiers!!!

Great App, on top of the weather. Keep it up


I service various nursing homes therefore, I not only need to know when the inclement weather will hit me but what type of weather. The radar doesn’t lie! Thank You!

To many prompts for reviews

It’s a awesome app. We rely on it here in Oklahoma when away from the house and can’t pick up anything else to let us know what’s coming. Almost everytime I open the app its either wants a review or adds pop up. For a pro version that should be out please. I love this app otherwise. Its very helpful. Thank you.

Great Weather App

I like the combined radar and text format and presentation. And its very easy to use.


Love it. Use it everyday; pay extra for no ads tho. If u don’t it’s literally impossible to hit the “x” to close the pop up ad’s


I bought this app with the intentions of knowing if we were going to get blind sided by snow. I would like a refund. It showed rain yesterday at 6pm. The schools where cancelled and I asked them why? They said we are about to have snow again. So I checked the application still no sign of anything in my area. 1 hour later we had 4 inches of snow and the application still didnt even alert me and showed it was clear. Worst weather application Ive ever bought. Please do not waste money on this like I did. If there is any way possible to get a refund I dont want this application on my phone any longer. Latest IOS and iPhone 8.

Functional and Simple

Instant data in an easy to understand form. Layers of addition data available if you choose to customize. No waiting for the adds to load first. Great stuff.


Clear and informative


This is a great app!!!! Very detailed with alert notifications!!!

Great Ap

Very accurate


Not updating properly

Great app on top of the weather!

I absolutely love this app! I especially love the notifications straight to my phone! I’m able to stay on top of the weather, and make appropriate preparations. This is the only app that gets the little town’s name that I live in correct. Most people list only the larger town nearby.


Up to date and complete. Thanks

Excellent for tracking storms!

Very nice app

Doppler radar

The Doppler radar as it worse it does great let me know before the storm gets to my house that way I can get everything prepared it is a great thing to have and I really do appreciate all the time and opportunity that the national people put into it thank you all

Easy Peasy

Easy to use and understand.

Didnt Pay To See Ads. Very buggy

I didnt buy the pro version to see ads. If this is their new idea of a pro app I want a refund. Running this on my 2ndGen 12.9in iPad Pro is rough. The buttons all stop responding within a minute or so of use and I have to remove it from the multitasking window and relaunch to regain functionality. Its worst with the animation play/pause button and the list of pinned locations. None of these issues on my 7S Plus. Dont buy this for your iPad.


Like it and like tracking the radar when weather moves in.

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