NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts 应用的评论


Too Slow To Load, Too Slow Movement

There are better weather radars out there. This one takes too long to load up, the moment is jerky and slow.


NOAA is the Best by far. As an aviator I appreciate their services.

Works Just Great in Tornado Alley

I got it because I live in Tornado Alley. In the Spring we have many severe thunderstorms per month and sometimes as many as 2 tornado warnings a week. I like that the radar comes right up and I can get an idea what is coming my way. Also I have found that the alert on the app comes on just about the same time as our county tornado alert siren just down the block. If you go to the settings you can adjust many options to fit your needs. I travel lots and it alerts me to weather in my location without having to reset it all the time. You can also set alerts for several towns so you know what's happening weather wise with out of town children or vacation homes.

Worst weather app

No instructions does not work Has no live radar Got an email from app but when I clicked on contact developer was send to advertisement


Best ap available for quick look at approaching weather

Very poor for a paid app

The daily forecast almost never matches. e.g., It will call for light rain and then give 0% chance of precipitation. It will call for it to be sunny with 80% chance of precipitation. It doesn’t tell you wind gusts either. The radar image leaves a lot to be desired.

Radar app doesn’t work on my phone

I have the weather live app and love it! Purchased the bundle that includes the radar app but the radar app just won’t work on my iphone. Once I click on the “I understand” button it does nothing. Emailed app developer and they can’t figure it out either.

Good information

Great help with planning events or tasks.

Location always???

Why does this app require my location always and not just while I am using the app?? This seems invasive of privacy and unnecessary.

Save ur money

Save the money and get something like “RadarUs+” or “my radar”...this app is nearly useless, provides very little information. I have 4 Radars on my phone and this is hands down the worst one.

Weather app

Excellent app to track weather where ever you are

Mike review

Love your app, real time action Mike Bendsneyder Port St Lucie, Florida

Bad Application

Not a good purchase; please instruct me on how to reverse this purchase.

Colorful and helpful

I like the super detailed maps as weather can sneak up on you in Florida. Simply predicting a chance of rain isn’t enough as my business depends upon clarity: is it a tornado or simply rain at 4pm gone by 5pm? This app gives me what I need to know and it helped when Hurricane Irma arrived last year.

Love it

Great app to have for the weather and while on the water

Too basic for the $

If I’m going to pay for an app, I should at least have real time data of the visible satellite, doppler and jet stream. Since when should anyone pay for this data? The US needs to get their ish together and use tax dollars correctly again... aside from legislating that the wealthy pay appropriately at 30% rates w/ zero loopholes. edit: response to developer response: wow definitely deleting now!

Outstanding App

Been using this Radar Pro for years. I've found it to be accurate, very dependable, and useful for planning daily events such as hiking,biking, and boating here in Southern Florida.


This is a complete ripoff. The animation showing rain patterns are the worst. For $10, I would have expected smoother transitions. Other “free” apps are way better. Want a refund

Dont know how to use????????

I find it hard to use.


Love it

I really count on this!

Great app. Very accurate. I depend on it,


Awesome app! Use it daily

Much better apps than this

Was at home at 2AM when out of the blue a huge thunderstorm developed over Denver. I clicked on the app to check radar and the radar didn't even have the storm within 5 miles of my location! The RadarUS app and Storm Shield are WAY better than NOAA Radar Pro. The app is difficult to navigate and the radar updating is terrible. Glad so many people are happy with it, but wish I could get my money back. A rare second night time storm moved through about 30 minutes later and still the radar had it miles away as it was pouring rain and hail at my apartment.

Nice to have an easy to use and efficient app

Love having this at my fingertips to keep track of weather in Florida and in Costa Rica where I spend most of my time. All th info, all the visuals and notices I need I one handy app!

It's ok

But the loop speed even set to fast is too slow No lightning strikes Top and bottom borders don't hide (via either timeout or tap)

Would like to see past weather.

Would like to be able to go further back in time to see what the weather was doing


Please update. The temperature is not correct on my saved locations. It’s off like many degrees and I verify it with other apps and tv and car temp outside.

Difficult to plan.

I found the app different than the actual weather outside. Vert inaccurate.

Best to watch when storms

Best to watch when storms are near

Always 76 degrees?

I used to love this app, and it always worked perfectly. Tracking storms as they come and go is really useful, as are the flooding alerts and such that are given for the area you’re looking at. However, for the past two months, the temperature shown in large font for my location has been incorrect. When it’s 30 degrees with a high of 40 degrees, the main number at the top is always in the 70s. Luckily, the hourly information further down is correct. It’s just frustrating to not know the correct temperature at a glance anymore. The exact location where this behavior is observed: Washington DC area. Main number at top says 70-80 degrees and sunny. Actual weather (at the time of the review) was 30-40 degrees and cloudy/sunny/rainy (occurred systematically regardless of weather). Currently, it reports 81 degrees sunny when the weather is more like 70 degrees and cloudy. Again, the hourly details are correct. It is only the top level number/image that has an error.

Business Director

Excellent app. Congratulations

Indispensable if you live in Florida

Gives you a vital, timely insight into the weather coming at you here is south Florida


It’s great

Great app!

I enjoy this app because it is a straight- to-the-point app; no frills and user friendly app. It shows what weather and weather alerts are happening all around the world and especially at the location where the app is being used. Thanks NOAA Radar Pro app!

Weather Map Animation Still Won't Update

Weather maps won't update unless I remove the app from memory and restart it. It will show animations from days earlier and won't update them without forced to restart.

Love this app!

I've had this app for over two years and it's very useful. I use it very often and really like the notifications about weather changes. I also love the time lapse feature, so much more helpful than a static image. This is a really great weather app!

Weather radar

I like this weather app a lot. Shows weather systems, intensity and direction of travel in relation to my location. Gives you a much better up to the minute overview of the weather than a weather forecast would do. Very accurate too!


The best radar weather and radar review, that tells the area, I’m needing to find out my family’s getaway property. It helps us know how the weather is there before we get out and drive there, before a long hall there. Also after losing our first cabin to an F2 Tornado ( which we couldn’t get the newspeople to go look at, they just assume it was just trees everywhere. It was a 2 story house, we called it a cabin. I turn to this weather and radar for its radar and accuracy,! It’s always been here for us. The lastest Tornado was close, but with this, and lots of prayer., our one story cabin is still on the ground. Thank you for you... Charlotte Smith Prairie Grove,Ar

Accurate weather forecast

Love the app... super accurate and has always helped me when storms come and helps me keeping my family safe during any weather alerts. Definitely worth while! 👍

Very helpful

On time and so informative

A good usable app

This app works as advertised. Very useful. To the developers...”areal” is not a word.

Great App

I really like this app. I am something of a "weather nerd" and have purchased 8 to 10 weather apps over the years. No doubt in my mind that this is the best radar app available for I-pad. Get it. It will be the last one you’ll download!

Needs more detailed forecasting data

Weather radar is great of course. But it could use a more detailed forecast. When the Weather Channel forecasts rain, sometimes this app doesn’t even show a chance of rain which I find very odd. At lest the alerts work well.

Greatest weather app ever!

I love this app because I can see the ACTUAL rain in my exact location *instead* of a vague general state-wide description of the rain — WHICH HAS SAVED OUR BICYCLE TRIPS!!!

The best of the lot.

I have been using this app for many years. I depend on its accuracy and dynamic interface and content.

Love this!

This is the only weather app I kept. I like seeing the radar. The map is great. Thanks NOAA!

No hurricane info for my location

All in all, this is an ok app. Unfortunately, I live in a hurricane zone in SW Florida, but for some reason, the only hurricane info I ever get is from the Pacific. I have contacted support in an effort to fix this but was unable to get it fixed.

No watch face capability

No apple watch face capability. Howcome? I would like a refund

Radar doesn’t work

Radar with clouds isn’t accurate. Sometimes it never loads.

Tracking storms

Vacation tracking of storms? Great and important.

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