NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts 应用的评论



I’ve been using this app for years. Consistent and reliable. Buy it!

What is this?

I paid for this app to get all the bells and whistles but IMO it's a dud. It loads tooooo sloooow. And once it loads it starts over within a second. I can't see the range or what it's doing. 8/18/18-Here’s an update to the review above: nothing changed. It’s still as glitchy as it ever was. It’s not made for those looking for laymen’s terminology. I’ve never liked an app that you almost need to be on the development team to understand and use it! It’s like....what’s the point? I’ve never been on this app when it hasn’t crashed either while in use or starting up. What a disappointment and waste of money!

Not what I thought

This is not what I thought it was. Maybe my fault but I’m going to ask for a refund


it has never been wrong.


I like to use different apps for tracking weather. This program by far exceeds my expectations and has a lot to offer in watching weather. I absolutely recommend this weather app.



Fantastic Weather Service

Great App. Easy to use and very informative.

Weather or not.

Not bad. Works well👍

Great app

Keeps me well informed. Work with ships and need to know what's going on with weather!! Nice!! Best weather app on the market web!!! Works great in lighting

Not accurate.

It showed the storm cell 15 miles away with no rain where I was pouring. The syncing of the radar showed it current with the time on my cell phone. No excuse for it being that far off. I want my money back.

Reliable and timely.

Great forecast tool. I have worked and recreated outdoors all my life. A result I have studied weather for near 7 decades. I find this technology to track those oddity weather phenomena with this radar with great satisfaction.

Bad Radar

Radar presentation is crap.

Salesman in Fishers

Works like it should. Making outdoor plans got easier.


This app charges your account without authorization. No link available to cancel or stop auto withdrawal. Only customer support is via email with no response.

The big picture

I love how this app shows what is going on across the entire country. It enables me to see how weather behavior in one area interacts with weather elsewhere. I've learned a lot using this app!

Great app

None better.

One of the best weather apps out there

It has Crystal clear images of weather conditions. It also alerts you ASAP when extreme weather conditions are approaching . Looks incredible on the iPad as well!

Great weather app

This app is well worth !

Terrible App

This app is a total waste. Poorly designed. Minimal content.


Excellent. You get what you pay for


Paid for app. On several occasions phone was shut down by app. Developers not making enough money. Not worth what I paid.

Good app, settings could use some help.

I like the app, but I can’t figure out how to turn off alerts for hurricanes. I live in the mountains far from the ocean. I don’t need hurricane alerts. I can’t find anywhere in the settings to just turn off hurricane alerts. On the upside, if my friends ever ask me if I have heard about any particular hurricane, I can at least say I know when it formed and what its current status is. But sadly, no one has ever asked me this.

Waste of money!

There is a storm currently going a storm going on and it’s not even showing up on the radar. A waste of money in my opinion.

Not showing weather

Can’t see storm currently happening

Nice app

Great app!

Atlantic vs Pacific

I live in Florida and really like this app for hurricane tracking but wish there was an option to disable tropical/hurricane notifications from the Pacific

Hurricane season

The application tracks hurricane and allows us to see what is taking place around our island.


TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ TᕼE ᗷEᔕT

Not worth it

The radar always seems to be delayed and it doesn’t allow you look far enough into the future. Definitely not worth paying for this as you can similar functionality in free apps. Really wanted to love this but completely disappointed.

Good app

Good app to track various weather events. It certainly helps me plan when attempting to avoid various weather incidents for driving and walking .

Rock n roll

Awesome blossom

Need color code explanation

When extreme weather is forecast my weather page is covered with different color patches. I can find no explanation as to what these color patches signify.

Denver Tornado Watch

It didn’t notify me at all?

Great weather app

Easy to use understand and reliable

Don’t understand

Don’t understand this

Engaging & fun!

The weather app is fun and easy to use, so fun that I find myself taking screenshots so I can recreate the narrative of a storm. I love being outside so having to come inside is annoying; may as well make it more colorful, right?! 😎🙌🏻


This is one of my go to apps. Weather is important to my line of work and this app provides great information and timely too.

Great Screens!

It is as good as tv stations and in real time.. And I even tested it from Northern Italy!! As a hot air balloon pilot, accuracy is important!

Very useful app!

Very useful app!



Fixed. Thank You.

Wouldn't update maps for a few months without restarting the app. All is well again.

Not so hot

Would like to see future tracks of radar not just current. How does that help?. Try Storm app much better no ads and gives you 5 hour future tracks..


This app is trash for the Iwatch. It only lets you see the weather your location picks up. It doesn’t allow you to access the other pins you’ve dropped.

Storm tops please

Would really like if storm tops would be added back in.

Bob Longo

Can’t get weather forecast. Please cancel.



Not so clear

I think “My Radar” is better. I also like Storm better. This app is blurry. The color gradient is not well defined. I see a fluffy yellow blob coming towards my location. Also I have to remove the stupid tag from my location every time I log in. The tag is a white rectangle that’s blocking radar data at my location on the map. I can get it to go away in settings but it comes back. There is nothing that makes this app special and the blocky blurry radar is a turn off

Don’t waste your $

Rating is likely based on the original version of app. It is useless now. Nothing but eye candy, no useful flexibility, accuracy or timeliness of information.


This app & the free NOAA weather app are both inaccurate lately, yet the NOAA website is accurate. I’ve had these apps a few years, I like the info it offers but if I can’t rely on it, it’s useless to me and I paid for it. The first couple days are usually right but it’s been saying the current temperatures is 56-60 when it’s 80’s to 90’s for several weeks now, though it does work once in awhile. I even checked 9 cities in 3 states & every one said 56 when it obviously wasn’t. Both apps said this. The weather app worked this morning (80) and then an hour later both apps were back to 56 when the apple weather & said 83. In the winter the farthest out forecast 4 & 5 day forecast always said a drastically cold forecast of -12 or -14 & then as it drew nearer it was always 20’s or 30’s, and the new days at the bottom said -14, but it was never even close to that cold. I can’t trust the app I paid for and I have to use the free apple weather app. I hope it gets fixed soon since I really like all the info on sunrise, sunset, humidity & precipitation for all the future forecast days & the info on storms.


I like being able to see what the weather has in store!

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